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Innovative Models of Care to Prevent Avoidable COPD Readmissions

Resource Type: Webinars
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This is a 50-minute webinar featuring speakers from the COPD Foundation’s Public Policy & Advocacy and Health Outcomes teams. Speakers present statistics related to COPD prevalence as well as an overview of the HRRP and COPD. In addition, they shared promising practices from the Carolina Health Care System focused on proactively implementing interventions that would prevent COPD-related hospital admissions as well as early diagnosis and treatment of COPD that resulted in a substantial decrease in COPD-related readmissions (21.8% in 2010 to 13% in 2013).

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Citation: Sullivan J, McGowan D. Innovative Models of Care to Prevent Avoidable COPD Readmissions [webinar]. April 23, 2015. Accessed June 18, 2015.
ambulatory care care coordination caregiver & community diagnosis evaluation & quality improvement hospitalization HRRP patient education post-acute care promising practices pulmonary rehabilitation readmission socioeconomic issues treatment

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