To help patients and medical professionals stay current with new research, latest therapies, legislative issues, ways to get involved, treatment and management guidelines and other useful information for patients and medical professionals, the COPD Foundation produces various resources for you. These resources are free!

For Patients

COPD Digest

The COPD Digest is the first free, internationally distributed magazine on COPD. The COPD Digest disseminates up-to-date information on research, latest therapies, pertinent legislative issues, patient stories and other useful information for individuals living with COPD and their caregivers and families worldwide. The COPD Digest fills a knowledge gap about COPD management that exists in both the patient and physician population.

The COPD Digest is now online! Click here to access.

For Medical Professionals

COPD Pocket Consultant Guide

The COPD Pocket Consultant guide is a 4” x 6” folded tent card that contains essential information from expert-approved guidelines used to diagnose and treat an individual with COPD.

It includes a list of common symptoms for diagnosis of COPD, a chart of commonly used formulations of drugs for COPD, recommended therapy for each stage of COPD, and the COPD Assessment Test (CAT).

The COPD Pocket Consultant guide is available in hard copy, a PDF download and as an app for the iPhone. You can access the PDF Download via the Brochures page.

COPD Foundation Publications Policy

Please click here to download the COPD Foundation Publications Policy.

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