Select COPD Foundation educational materials are available through free PDF watermarked downloads.
To access the downloads you will need to register on the COPD Foundation website, and log in.

COPD Educational Materials

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Select COPD Foundation educational materials are available through free PDF watermarked downloads.

Printed Educational Materials

  • If you are a Health Care Professional go to: and register as a “registrant.” There you can order single-copy free samples or purchase two or more copies of educational materials.
  • If you are a person impacted by COPD (patient, caregiver, or family member) go to: to purchase Harmonicas for Health kits and educational materials.
  • For help with ordering, email:

Please note that your registration on this COPD Foundation website does not give you direct access to our online catalogue. The online catalogue is a separate registration.


While based in the United States, the COPD Foundation has a global perspective and an international presence. In response to feedback from international medical professionals and patients seeking quality educational materials, the COPD Foundation has translated key educational resources into nine languages in addition to English.

Translated educational materials are available for free download. Copyright rules and restrictions apply. plus

As owner of the instrument copyright, the COPD Foundation grants permission to reproduce, reprint and redistribute all printed and downloadable PDF educational materials owned solely by the COPD Foundation, for non-commercial, personal use subject to the following conditions below:

  1. You may not edit, modify, or make your own new products from any materials 2. You must maintain all trademarks and copyright information as it appears on the materials
  2. You must utilize, copy and reproduce the material in its entirety
  3. You may not add or delete any pages
  4. You acknowledge that the COPD Foundation owns the intellectual property in the materials
  5. You acknowledge that, as to any materials that are not owned solely by the COPD Foundation, which may be co-branded, branded by others, or otherwise identified, you will obtain written approval from such owner or co-owner prior to any reproduction, reprinting or redistribution.
  6. The COPD Foundation reserves the right to revoke the permissions set forth herein if you breach any of the terms listed above. For any Translated Educational Materials, Large Volume Orders, Collaborative Print Projects or commercial interest in reproduction and distribution, please contact Jane Martin at

Copyright Rules Exhibit A plus

WHAT CONSTITUTES PERSONAL USE AND COMMERICAL USE Personal use constitutes any individual regardless of affiliation using COPD Foundation educational materials for their individual educational purposes. This includes health care professionals printing educational materials for teaching purposes with patients. These materials are low-resolution and not suitable for commercial purposes. These materials should contain the copyright watermark.
Commercial use constitutes any health care professional or business affiliate that intends to reproduce, reprint or redistribute COPD Foundation educational materials more than once. This includes reprinting for patient distribution within a health care setting, including those organizations that are not-for-profit. These materials meet the standards of the COPD Foundation for high quality reproduction intended for commercial use. These materials should not contain the copyright watermark and must be printed by an approved source. Commercial use is further divided into commercial not-for-profit and commercial for-profit entities. For any commercial use, please select from the following options below.

To be determined based on the individual educational material of interest.

  • Samples are available at no cost. Most educational materials are restricted to the quantity of one.
  • Exceptions apply to promotional items, like the COPD Foundation Information Line cards and other materials that have been paid for through an educational grant.

Collaborative Print Projects are defined as when COPD Foundation educational materials are distributed in large quantities through an external institution and in which these educational materials contain a logo or acknowledgement of that institution somewhere within the educational material. These materials are subject to the following conditions:

  1. All copyright rules apply.
  2. The COPD Foundation designer will be the only authorized agent to modify COPD Foundation educational materials.
  3. All educational materials will prominently display the following statement on the back cover or appropriate location: The XXX (where XXX is the name of the educational material) was created by the COPD Foundation.
  4. A distribution acknowledgement will be displayed on the same panel as item #3: The COPD Foundation’s XXX is printed and distributed through the generosity of the YYY (Where YYY is the name of the collaborating institution). A logo and/or institution address is permitted. Phone numbers, email addresses and website information is not permitted.

Translated Educational Materials

Translated educational materials are available only as downloadable files from the COPDF website. Due to the high cost of international shipping the only option for printed educational materials is a one-time flat rate purchase of high-resolution electronic printer’s files on CD from which the purchaser is permitted to print their own translated educational materials.

Special rules apply for COPD Global Community Partners. See Copyright Rules Exhibit B. plus

Copyright Rules Exhibit B

The pricing structure begins with production cost per piece for printing plus any additional fees for redesign and shipping. There is no international shipping for printed education materials. Some exceptions may apply.

  • Production cost for printing will be charged per piece to a not-for-profit healthcare institution or other organization that shares a similar mission as the COPD Foundation with intent to distribute high quality educational materials to healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers or family members of a person impacted by COPD. Educational materials will be printed by the COPD Foundation to ensure the highest quality for commercial use.
  • Production cost plus 50% will be charged per piece for all educational materials regardless of quantities ordered for commercial interests to include but not limited to large employers, industry partners, equipment manufacturers, etc. Pharmaceutical companies and industry partners will be charged on a case by case basis for bulk orders.
  • A one-time flat rate $600 fee will be charged for high-resolution electronic printer’s files on CD to a not-for-profit healthcare institution, an institution outside of the United States or other organization that shares a similar mission as the COPD Foundation with intent to distribute high quality educational materials to healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers or family members of a person impacted by COPD for a period of three years. This fee includes a distribution acknowledgement. Additional educational materials may be added to the CD for $100.00 each. Only the COPD Foundation is authorized to modify the educational material or add a distribution acknowledgement any educational materials. The purchaser of the high-resolution electronic printer’s files agrees to all copyright rules. The purchaser will be permitted to use their own approved print resources for printing the educational materials as provided by the COPD Foundation on CD for a period of three years. The purpose of this option is to allow low cost reproduction of COPD Foundation educational materials by the purchaser where international shipping fees and/or print costs would be higher than using the COPD Foundation printed materials at production cost. At the end of the three year period, the customer may purchase an updated high-resolution electronic printer’s files on CD for the same fee. This ensures that the COPD Foundation educational materials printed by other organizations contains the most current and accurate information.