Our Education and Support Framework

COPD360 Education and Support Framework

Our Mission

The COPD Foundation’s Education and Support Framework is positioned at the intersection of the patient, caregiver and health care provider communities. Our team’s dual mission is to promote positive and productive relationships between individuals with COPD, their friends, family and health care professionals and to serve as the bridge to educate and improve communications to reach a shared goal of living one’s best life with COPD.

Our Goals

  • Equip individuals with COPD to self-advocate and self manage, realizing they deserve to thrive and have control over their care and their lives.
  • Educate and provide health care professionals with tools to help patients reach their individual goals.
  • Assist in connecting partners to patient-centered, accurate and unbiased information.

The Three Pillars of Education and Support


Provide accurate, accessible information to all members of the COPD community through diverse channels.


Equip COPD patients, their families and health care providers with tools and techniques that promote proactive, patient-centered self-management of COPD care.


Encourage the patient with COPD to guide their journey and reach their goals through shared decision-making and partnerships with informed health care providers.

Our Team

The COPD Foundation COPD360 Education and Support team brings a breadth of experience to our community. Through our clinical background in the respiratory space and professional background in research and strategy, we are uniquely equipped to deliver stellar results to both COPD patients and health care providers through our innovative partnerships, collaborations and relationships with multi-stakeholders.

We are able to:

  • Conduct market research to develop surveys and scripts to elicit and elucidate the perceptions of impacted individuals and their families.
  • Spur effective communications with health care professionals.
  • Develop, write and edit impactful educational and research materials.
  • Plan and execute both in-person and virtual events such as institutes, conferences and workshops.

If you'd like to discuss a potential COPD Foundation Education and Support project, please contact the COPDF Education Team at edteam@copdfoundation.org.