COPD360social FAQ

What is COPD360 Social?plus

COPD360social is an online community for individuals affected by COPD, including patients, family members, caregivers, physicians and other healthcare providers. It provides a single online home for these millions of individuals. COPD360social provides our target audience with an engaging and interactive social collaboration environment through which they can have more direct interaction with each other and with the Foundation.

COPD360social provides community members with a comfortable venue to share thoughts and ideas, ask questions, start discussions, read and comment on blogs and communicate with peers, thought leaders and community managers.

Is there a user guide for COPD360social?plus

Yes. We provide several tutorial videos located here.

AdBlock is not allowing the website to load. How can I fix this?plus

The domain ( will need to be whitelisted in your instance of AdBlock. If you use multiple web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), you will need to do these for each one. You can whitelist a domain by clicking on the AdBlock icon in your browser bar (usually shaped like a stop sign with the letters AB) and click options. There you will see a tab titled Whitelisted Domains where you can enter This will have the effect of disabling AdBlock on the COPD Foundation website.


User Activities on COPD360social

Will I be notified if another user has engaged with me on the site?plus

Yes. If a community member sends you a message, a friend request, adds a comment to your question or answer, comments on your idea, etc. you will be notified through the notification and messaging system. You will see the number of messages and/or notifications you have in your user profile menu at the top of the site, the user profile menu located at the left of the site and in your full profile. You will also receive email notifications to the email address you provided in your profile so you can be kept informed even when not logged in to COPD360social.

In addition, members can subscribe to receive a notification whenever a new answer, blog entry, discussion topic, idea, social event or Wiki article is added to the site. Each page has its own subscription link so members can subscribe to content from all areas or just those of interest. Members aren't notified of their own entries, only the items added by other members. Members can however subscribe to receive notifications when members respond to their individual entries. This subscription can be selected when adding a new entry.

How can I create daily updates?plus

You can post a daily update directly in the Activity Feed.

How do I comment on another user’s profile?plus

Each community member has their own Activity Feed on their user profile page. By clicking on a community members name you can access their profile. There you can either send them a private message or post to their Activity Feed, amoung other things like send a freind request. You can control the visibility of your post by clicking the eye icon and selecting who can see the post.

How do I “like” another user’s activity or post?plus

When logged in you can simply click the LIKE link located at the bottom of every post and comment.

How do I earn badges?plus

As community members participate in site activities, they earn badges. All badges on our site fall into one of three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold; with gold being the badges that take the most effort to achieve. The most recent badges a member has earned are displayed in their profile and a full list of awarded badges can also be viewed from their profile. See more here.

How do I flag a post as spam?plus

You can click the Report link that appears under each comment. A COPD360social Community manager will be notified and take appropriate action.

How do I block/un-block a user?plus

You cannot block a user directly. However, if you feel a community member is not following the guidelines please notify a community manager.

How do I remove an update or comment?plus

You can remove or update your own comments but cannot remove comments left by others. You can however report comments that you feel are inappropriate or spam by clicking the Report link under each comment.

How do I tag or ‘mention’ another user?plus

If you would like to comment on a specific users' comment you can reply directly to their comment. You can also use the @ sign to mention another user in your comment but that will not result in a link to that users profile. We may include that functionality in the future.

How do I invite my e-mail list to COPD360 Social?plus

You cannot send emial directly out of COPD360social to non-members but you can send emails to all your friends and provide them a link to the COPD Foundation website ( There they can create an account for COPD360social and take part in the discussions.

Can I link my page to Facebook?plus

By clicking on the social icons that you will find at the bottom of the left column of each page (or bottom when viewing on a mobile device) you can share that content on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profile.

The social icons on the right of the page (or bottom when viewing on a mobile device) will simply take you to the COPD Foundation social profile.


User profiles on COPD360social

How do I delete my profile?plus

By clicking Edit Account you can click the UnRegister button located at the bottom of the form.

What will happen if I forget my password?plus

You can reset your password by clicking the RESET PASSWORD button on the login form. You will be asked to enter your username and if correct you will receive an email to the email address you set in your profile with a custom link to reset your password.

How do I edit my profile content?plus

When logged in simply click Edit Profile.

How do I change my username?plus

Your username cannot be changed once you are registered. You can change other profile properties such as email address, address, profile photo and more through the Edit Account and Edit Profile pages.

How do I change my location?plus

You can change your location through the Edit Profile page.

How do I change my e-mail address?plus

You can change your email address through the Edit Account page.

How do I change my profile picture?plus

You can change your profile picture in the Preferences section on the Edit Profile page.


Search on COPD360social

How do I search for specific topics?plus

You can use the site search located at the top of each page throughout the COPD Foundation website. If you are searching for a specific question you can use the Q&A search located on the Question and Answers page or if searching for a specific idea you can use the Idea search located on the Submit Your Idea page.

How do I find similar users in my area?plus

You can use the Find People Like Me functionality to search for other members that share similar characteristics as you. Please keep in mind that you must provide information in the Extended Profile section of your profile to be included in the search results.