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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and refractory (non-reversible) asthma. This disease is characterized by increasing breathlessness.

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The COPD Foundation was established to speed innovations which will make treatment more effective and affordable, to undertake initiatives that result in expanded services for COPD patients, and improve the lives of patients with COPD and related disorders (through scientific research, education & awareness) that will lead to prevention and a stop in the progression of COPD.

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Does high levels of CO2 cause SOB, even when our O2 levels are good?

Bill66 made this as a comment a few days ago. I think it is a topic worthy of further discussion. Clearly as COPD'ers we experience SOB with little or no provocation. I know I can walk from the bedroom to the bath in the morning with O2 in the low 90's and can hardly breath. Watching the oximeter, as my pulse reduces, O2 will increase as I use PLB. Thus, is the purpose of PLB in effect to expel CO2?

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What's the proper setting for POC, O2 concentrator, and O2 tank?

My RT said I need 2l/min O2. The delivery tech said I should set the unit {OxyGO} on "2" and leave it there, further stating that mean I would get 2l/min. According to you and others the max this machine can produce is about 1l/min. So if my Dr wants me on 2l/min did he mean use setting 2 on the POC? ut we set the tank at 2//min which I assume is actually 2l/min. The next concern is the large O2 concentrator - how do the setting #'s on it compare to either the POC or tank? I miss read the Imogen ad earlier. They rate the home unit from 1 to 4l/min, and the POC from settings of 1 to 5. The spec seet says the max output is 1050ml/min {i.e. 1.05l/min!} This O2 stuff can be very confusing!

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New at the oxygen thing...and scared to death!

I went to a Pulmonologist a few weeks ago and was set up on oxygen last Friday, as my oxygen level when I went to him was 88l. I'm a 66 year old female and over many years have gained weight due to doctors refusing to do surgery on my knees so I could walk. When we moved I found a great surgeon that did the surgery and it was only because I had to have additional surgeries after that that I gained another 20 pounds. Thankfully I can walk and I have a treadmill. I'm scared to death because I have to be on oxygen 24/7 but is this a death sentence for me? If I lose weight will I have to remain on oxygen? for the rest of my life? Does this mean I can't live another 15 years? If I go out to a store do I have to worry about somebody that was smoking throwing a cigarette butt on the ground? Or pumping gas? Please help. As I said I'm scared.

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End stages of COPD

I'm brand new to this group. I've been searching the web for information on COPD. My Mom's doctor told us she is at the end stages of COPD. I'm so devastated, but trying to stay strong for my Mom. One question I had for the Dr. but didn't ask was..how long is someone typically in the end stage? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you considering a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic for treatment of your COPD?

It is hard to Google anything related to COPD, stem cells, or lung transplant without seeing several ads for Stem Cell Therapy Centers. These types of centers have existed for years in other countries, such as Mexico, but now they are appearing in the United States in increasing numbers. Many of them are in Florida or California, and I recently saw an ad for a new one in Scottsdale, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. ...

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