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Join the COPD Foundation, our global partners, and the members of the oxygen therapy community in recognizing World Oxygen Day on October 2 (o-2)!

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For the last 40 years, supplemental oxygen therapy has been a mainstay treatment for millions of people of all ages living with respiratory problems. These people rely upon oxygen therapy to relieve the symptoms like breathlessness and limited activity caused by chronic problems like COPD, as well as more acute conditions like pneumonia and sleep problems. Despite its ability to add years to people's lives and life to their years, advancements in oxygen therapy technology have been very slow to happen. The COVID-19 pandemic made the problem even worse by increasing the demand for oxygen equipment as well as straining supply chains. Many people who could benefit from oxygen therapy do not use it as prescribed because of the inconvenience, the cost, or the stigma that can be attached to it.

There are simply too many systemic challenges for people to use oxygen therapy effectively to live their best lives. World Oxygen Day was created to change that.

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Thanks to our generous supporters, World Oxygen Day will inform the public and policymakers on these critical issues, as well as support the oxygen community by promoting the need to modernize oxygen therapy around the world. After all, ALL of us need oxygen…some just need a little more than others!

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Oxygen Stories

Oxygen Stories: Russell Winwood

Russell shares about how oxygen therapy helps him chase his passion and live his best life.

Oxygen Stories: Melissa Egts

Melissa talks about opening up and letting her personality shine as a daily oxygen user.

Oxygen Stories: Jean Rommes

Jean shares the time she was able to turn a youngster's curious stare into a teachable moment. Her example shows how a little humor can flip the script on chronic conditions to turn an uncomfortable conversation into a helpful one.

Oxygen Stories: John Linnell

John provides a great reminder about how EVERYBODY needs more oxygen when they start being more active or exercising, and how important it is to work with your health care team to make sure you are getting the therapy you need and deserve.

Dr. Thomas Petty

Dr. Thomas Petty, once called the father of modern pulmonary medicine, helped conduct much of the research that became the basis of how we use oxygen therapy today. In the early 2000s, after enduring health problems that led to him undergoing multiple open-heart surgeries, Dr. Petty was himself prescribed oxygen therapy. In 2004, he wrote a book called "Adventures of an Oxy-Phile," discussing his experiences as both a clinician and a patient and sharing the stories of others in the oxygen therapy community. In the book, Dr. Petty wrote, "In the final analysis, we are all 'Oxy-Philes.' That is, we literally love oxygen." Oxygen is an essential fuel for every human, no matter what condition their lungs are in.

Dr. Petty passed in 2009, but his legacy lives on today in this year's World Oxygen Day theme, "We Are All Oxyphiles." World Oxygen Day 2023 will highlight the many stories of how oxygen therapy helps people live their best lives despite dealing with shortness of breath from low oxygen levels, as well as the kinds of changes needed to make this therapy easier to access and use.

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