Meet Your State Advocacy Captains!

State Advocacy Captain Headquarters

State Advocacy Captains are volunteers with COPD, caregivers, friends and family members or healthcare providers who have been trained by the COPD Foundation to serve as peer leaders. State Advocacy Captains promote the importance of becoming a COPD advocate, mentor fellow community members looking for advocacy information in their state and participate in online and in-person advocacy activities.

Find Your State Advocacy Captain

Use the map above to find your State Advocacy Captain.  Click the stars to see State Captain contact information and view their full profile by clicking on each captain's name.  If your state does not have a designated State Captain or you would like to become a co-captain contact Aimee Bulthuis to get involved!  Note: this map is geographically accurate, to see Alaska and Hawaii zoom out.

Why Should I Get To Know My State Advocacy Captain?

What to get more involved with COPD advocacy but are unsure how? Nervous about an upcoming district visit? Curious about the COPD Action Center or the advocacy program? Your State Advocacy Captain is there to answer all of these questions, notify you of upcoming advocacy events, and help you navigate the tricky world of the US government. Use the above map to find your State Advocacy Captain and get involved today!

Become a State Advocacy Captain

As a State Advocacy Captain you will be spreading COPD awareness and encouraging advocacy throughout your state. The COPD Foundation will provide you with training on the COPD Action Center, contacting elected officials, and advocate management.  As a State Advocacy Captain you will be on the front lines of COPD advocacy and legislative change. You will be one of the go-to people for all COPD advocates in your state and will be enrolled as one of the Foundation’s primary contact for all state advocacy activities including:

  • Helping new advocates
  • Attending Capital Awareness Days
  • District lobby days
  • Participating in legislative campaigns
  • Train others to be successful COPD advocates

If you have any questions about how you can get involved and make a difference, please contact Aimee Bulthuis, to learn more.

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