Why Support the COPD Foundation?

Align with the COPD Foundation's Mission

More than 380 million people around the world are affected by COPD1, and millions more are impacted by bronchiectasis and nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung disease. Our team of experts is committed to supporting and improving the patient's experience, increasing global awareness, accelerating research and drug development, and promoting early diagnosis. We support impacted individuals and their families through connected social communities, educational programs, and participating in advocacy efforts supported by corporate and private donor contributions.

We are Committed to Impacting Underserved and Diverse Communities

The Foundation is dedicated to improving lung health by advancing result-driven research, early diagnosis initiatives, and increased outreach to diverse and often underserved communities disproportionally affected by lung disease.

Anyone can get COPD, but according to recent data, COPD disproportionately affects women and people from low- and middle-income regions - where 80% of COPD-related deaths occur2. To create lasting change among those underserved populations, we welcome collaboration with organizations that are passionate about supporting our messages for early diagnosis, social awareness, health education, and equity.

We Welcome Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The COPD Foundation aims to build a community of corporate leaders who share our passion for improving the lives of people with chronic lung diseases. Our generous corporate partners are committed to the patient caregiver community and are passionate about the Foundation's mission, principles, public positions, vision, and standards.


About Our Programs

  • Corporate Support Program

    Our Corporate Support Program is designed for pharmaceutical, durable medical equipment (DME), and medical device companies interested in supporting the Foundation's purpose. Corporate supporters share the Foundation's commitment to initiatives critical to our community and provide mission-focused support that enables programs that are critical to the COPD, bronchiectasis, and NTM lung disease communities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Retail Support programs are designed for companies and organizations who share our commitment to our community and a desire to positively impact millions of individuals. Mission-focused support from companies who are vocal about their commitment to the Foundation's purpose is critical to continue and expand the core patient support activities within the Foundation.
  • Foundation Support

    The COPD Foundation is grateful for the support from Foundations aligned with our mission. This support and partnership enable the COPD Foundation's purpose-driven work designed to improve the quality of life of our community members. This includes information phone lines, patient centered committees, essential communications to our community and our online communities, COPD360social and BronchandNTM360social.

The COPD Foundation does not endorse any product or the presence of a product, service, company, or individual and mention in Foundation communications does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Foundation.

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