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Actively Recruiting Research Studies

Discover ways to join new and ongoing clinical research studies. We are actively recruiting participants through the COPD Foundation for these research studies:


Study ID: NCT03657342 & NCT03656926
Condition: Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome / Lung Transplant Rejection
Drug Name: Liposomal Cyclosporine A (L-CsA)
Trial Phase: Phase 3
Sponsor: Zambon SpA

Study Purpose: BOSTON-1 & BOSTON-2 are Phase III randomized, controlled clinical trials of L-CsA for the treatment of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in adults diagnosed with BOS following lung transplant. Patients will receive either L-CsA via the PARI Investigational eFlow® Device twice daily plus Standard of Care (SoC) treatment, or SoC alone, for a period of 48 weeks. All patients will be evaluated following completion of BOSTON-1 or BOSTON-2 to continue in an open-label extension trial of L-CsA. This study is called BOSTON-3.

More details can be found at or at the BOSTON study info website.

Contacts: Dr. Ferdinando Ceravolo, Global Clinical Lead -

Renovion Recruitment

Mucus and mucus-related symptoms (sputum and phlegm production; chest congestion; cough) are some of the primary drivers leading to decreased quality of life in people with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis (NCFBE). Renovion is conducting a clinical trial for people with NCFBE who are experiencing mucus symptoms as a significant component of their NCFBE diagnosis. The results of this study will enable a better understanding of the investigational product ARINA-1. ARINA-1 is a new mucolytic agent intended to decrease mucus viscosity and promote mucus clearance. The results of this study will aid in the development of the investigational product to improve quality of life in people with NCFBE. Renovion is collaborating with the COPD Foundation’s COPD360Net initiative to facilitate the success of this trial.