PRAXIS is a robust collaborative and multidisciplinary effort to advance the scientific knowledge around improving COPD care delivery and reducing COPD readmissions through the dissemination of best practices, tools and ideas. Front-line clinical providers across the care continuum, those in charge of designing care delivery systems, policy makers, health care solutions companies and more are looking to improve their efforts. PRAXIS can help.


  • Collaborative: The goal is to facilitate new partnerships, sharing of best practices and vibrant conversations among all stakeholders interested in improving outcomes for people with COPD.
  • Interactive: All activities and resources are designed to promote interaction with tools, patients, providers, systems and policy makers.
  • Useful: A searchable resource repository highlights useful promising practices, research, programs and technology that can inform immediate changes in practice and future strategic planning.
  • Flexible: The collaborative structure allows users to help shape the priorities and initiatives undertaken within PRAXIS to ensure new and important issues can be easily incorporated and addressed.
  • Impactful: The collaborations and projects facilitated through PRAXIS will help lead the way towards the fulfillment of large gaps in research and clinical knowledge related to reducing COPD hospitalizations and readmissions.
  • Transformative: Ultimately, the path to improvement in health outcomes and quality of life for people with COPD involves shifting the conversation from the reactive to the proactive. Through robust collaboration, expertise sharing, resource development and scientific advancement, PRAXIS will help lead the way towards making proactive, population health management-focused approaches the norm for how communities across the country address COPD.