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Using the PCG App to Live Well with COPD

Resource Type: Webinars

This one-hour webinar provides an in-depth introduction to the COPD Foundation's Pocket Consultant Guide (PCG) App track for patients and caregivers. This recording contains an overview of the evolution of the PCG from printed tri-fold card for healthcare professionals to app as well as the 2018 development and launch of a patient-specific track within the app. Dr. Barbara Yawn, the Foundation's Chief Science Officer, and Vinny Malanga, our Chief Information Officer, walk the viewer through a demonstration of the app's functionality, including an interactive My COPD Action Plan, activity tracking, a private Wallet Card for documenting important health data, exercise, inhaler and nebulizer instruction videos, questions you can ask your physician at your next visit, and more.

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COPD Foundation webinar, January 23, 2020. Accessed March 12, 2020.

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