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Updates in the Management of COPD: Managing Exacerbations

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This 26-minute webinar aims to help viewers assess the severity of acute COPD exacerbations (AECOPD); compare pharmacologic treatments for AECOPD; and differentiate AECOPD from congestive heart failure exacerbations.

Dr. Ohar first provides background to the discussion, including statistics on the impact of AECOPD; basics on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program; a description of the “frequent COPD exacerbator” phenotype; and a review of the causes of exacerbations. The evidence-based treatment and management portion of the presentation addresses both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management of exacerbations; indications for hospital admission; management of those hospitalized with AECOPD, including indications for ICU admission and mechanical ventilation; as well as crucial considerations at discharge. Dr. Ohar also addresses post-discharge issues, including the COPD patient's recovery from exacerbations; post-discharge follow-up recommendations; and steps one can take for preventing and decreasing exacerbations.

A robust Q&A discussion from the live event is included in the comments section.

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Citation: Ohar J. Updates in the Management of COPD: Managing Exacerbations [webinar]. Accessed May 10, 2016.  
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