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COPD 2015: Hospitalizations and Readmissions

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This short presentation provides a snapshot of the current state of policy and care delivery in relation to COPD hospitalizations and readmissions. The 12-minute webinar includes: an overview of basic COPD statistics; an outline of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP); a discussion of the meaningfulness of readmissions reduction statistics and patient factors that influence excessive readmissions; discussions of preventive measures, comorbidities, sodial disparities and post-hospital syndrome; and an example of a COPD discharged bundle. The archived comments section contains a rich Q&A from the live event.

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Thomashow, B. COPD 2015: Hospitalizations and Readmissions [webinar]. Accessed May 10, 2016. 

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  • How can I get a copy of COPD discharge bundle to share with local medical systems? They are are struggling to come up with and fine-tune their discharge bundles.
  • This is a great question, Val. There is no one-size-fits-all bundle, we've found. Deb McGowan and I talk regularly with organizations at all different stages of refining their care delivery approaches. Please feel free to given them our contact information and we can talk with them directly -- and
    • Thanks--the post above referenced a sample COPD discharge bundle and I wanted to share it today at Grand Rounds, where we were discussing COPD discharge bundles. Sadly, the Respiratory Therapists are NOT even listed as part of their draft discharge bundle and I asked after the talk where they are and why they aren't the ones teaching patients to use inhalers and oxygen. There were no RTs or hospitalists in the audience, but three pulmonologsits speaking and one person of undetermined specialty as well.

      I did share the piece from you folks about considering disparate populations in discharge planning, as well as some sample discharge bundles from various sites. I will forward them your contact information as well. Thanks for providing it. It is definitely a process and sadly, I don't think patients are having much of a role other than being the "subject" which is terribly unfortunate.

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