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Case Management Adherence Guidelines for COPD

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This Case Management Society of America (CMSA) toolkit provides guidance for front-line healthcare providers on patient-centered diagnosis and treatment adherence recommendations for their COPD patients. The tool covers care across the continuum, from defining and diagnosing COPD to adherence tools and challenges, case management approaches within different settings to successful discharge and follow up. The authors propose a COPD management program with four components: 1) assess and monitor disease, 2) reduce risk factors, 3) manage stable COPD and 4) control exacerbations. Medication management, oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, surgical procedures and smoking cessation are all discussed in detail. A detailed case study is also included. (Brief registration is required for this free resource.)

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Citation: Case Management Adherence Guidelines for COPD. Case Management Society of America website. April 2010. Accessed March 13, 2020.
behavioral health care coordination caregiver & community co-morbidities diagnosis exacerbations hospitalization nutrition oxygen patient education patient experience post-acute care prevention promising practices pulmonary rehabilitation risk stratification socioeconomic issues telehealth treatment

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