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The COPD Foundation is acutely aware of the promise of new technology, programs and tools that are designed to improve outcomes and engage patients and caregivers. A number of technologies – remote monitoring, sensors, wearables and medication reminders, as well as predictive analytics, disease home surveillance programs, repositories of community resource linkages and mobile apps – can all support empowerment for patients and caregivers in self-management and lead to better outcomes for those with COPD.

We developed the PRAXIS Innovation Center to connect front-line providers, health systems administration and policy making professionals to useful, meaningful innovation. Proactive, efficient and impactful services: these are the future of COPD health care.

Innovation Highlights

Updates to the COPD Pocket Consultant Guide

Mobile applications -- or apps -- are becoming more and more prevalent in the everyday delivery of healthcare. As many of you know, the COPD Foundation has developed a very popular COPD Pocket Consultant Guide (PCG). You may not be aware that we also have a free PCG app (you can type COPD Foundation into the iTunes store search or click here). We are anxious to increase the available tools on the app and want your recommendations! Respond to these three questions and share your thoughts on what would be most useful in your work with your COPD patients.

Preventing Falls Through Technology

COPD and falls Did you know that people with COPD fall often? In fact, a recent study found that 46% of people with COPD who participated in the study reported at least one fall in the past year. A new option for determining fall risk is through the use of innovative technology. Following their participation in COPD Crowdshaped, our groundbreaking creative thinking event to generate innovative solutions for those with COPD, Blue Marble Health developed Health in Motion, a patient-powered application that guides users through a fall risk screening that can be done in the home. The screening involves answering a few questions and doing two physical activities. After completing the screening, the user can save the report and print or email it to a doctor or other healthcare team member. Health in Motion also enables the user to record the circumstances around any falls as they occur so that at a doctor’s visit, the patient has all of the relevant information at the press of a button. Read more about Health in Motion here.

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