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2017 Readmissions Institute Pre-Conference Readings

Resource Type: White Papers/Reports

We're excited to see those Connecticut hospitals that will be attending our upcoming 2017 Readmissions Institute in New Haven!

The COPD Foundation and the Readmissions Institute Advisory Committee have compiled the following pre-conference readings in a variety of core areas essential to successful COPD care delivery. We hope you will find these beneficial, that they will reinforce existing practice and possibly introduce new knowledge into your practice "toolkit."

Please share your thoughts on the following in the comments below. Are there other articles or components we have not touched on here? Please share those, as well!

Patient-centered care

What is patient-centered care? And how do we ensure that as hospitals and individual healthcare providers that patient-centered care is our default approach?

Patient- and Family-Centered Care: It’s Not Just for Pediatrics Anymore 

Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-centered Care in Hospitals 

Evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based medicine is not universally employed in COPD care. For example, according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), only 36 percent of Medicare patients diagnosed with COPD have had the diagnosis confirmed through spirometry. But what exactly is evidence-based medicine? And why is it important?

What is evidence-based medicine and why should I care? 

(download free pdf at above link)

Health Disparities & Cultural Competence

Research has shown that lower socioeconomic status is associated with increased burden of COPD and poorer health outcomes. What are these inequities and how can we acknowledge and address them? What does it mean to approach patients and chronic disease in a culturally competent way?

Defining and targeting health disparities in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Cultural Competence in Health Care: Is it Important for People with Chronic Conditions?

Health Literacy

Learn more about how low health literacy can impact COPD patients' health care experiences, including their adherence to medication and device regimens. What can we do to gauge the health literacy of our patients and ensure we are meeting their needs?

Health Literacy in COPD 


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  • Great article published this year about the patient's perceived factors for their readmission.
    • Excellent - thank you for adding this article, Diahann! Here is another important new article on the management of COPD exacerbations:

  • What Is Evidence-Based Medicine and Why Should I Care?
    Great article: page 2 of the pdf file: Is there a problem? Some Very Good information to start. The pdf is worth downloading and reading. I believe we really want our Medical providers to understand us and if we can understand back what they look at to make our health care our own health care gets better.