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Meeting the challenge of COPD care delivery in the USA: a multiprovider perspective

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Presented at the 2016 American Thoracic Society conference in San Francisco, this expert report synthesizes the input of patients, family members, healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to highlight the COPD patient experience and address gaps in COPD care delivery. Penned by a multidisciplinary group of 28 experts - including the COPD Foundation's John Walsh and Jamie Lamson Sullivan - the 54-page report outlines the current state of COPD care, the economic burden of the disease, our community's research and evaluation efforts, COPD-specific care and coordination of that care, and the assessment of quality and cost-effectiveness. The report is a 360-degree view that outlines our community's most pressing issues in the next decade of COPD care. 

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Citation: Han MK, Martinez CH, Au DH, et al.  Meeting the challenge of COPD care delivery in the USA: a multiprovider perspective. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Published online May 12, 2016. Accessed May 24, 2016. DOI:
care coordination co-morbidities diagnosis exacerbations hospitalization oxygen public policy pulmonary rehabilitation readmission treatment


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  • Every professional that is involved with COPD patients must read this in-depth (but very readable) article about the current state in the USA. The information is very up-to-date. Thank you for the info about how to access this 40 page pdf article (+407 references.) I was surprised at some of the COPD Foundation surveys that were included that I never heard of....and wonder if we can still access their studies and results. In this day of everyone looking to reduce re-admissions, this could be used as the ultimate guide to find the areas your particular community lacks, look for resources in the community, and appreciate that each patient is more than their disease! This commission group did a heroic job in putting all the information in one location. Finally someone is really listening to the patient and 'hearing' what is being said.......hopefully it will be the start of some unity, lesson the turf battles, improve access to DME needs, and get financial assistance.
  • It's scary to think how cuts in DME will cause even more problems for patients in trying to get urgently needed supplies and equipment, including oxygen, nebulizers, and more.

    There are only 4 companies supplying oxygen at all for the entire island of Oahu, which has about 1 million people. Only one supplier in the state has a portable nebulizer and only one company in the state has the reusable nebulizer cup compatible with the Aerobika PEP mucus clearance device which is widely being used in our state.