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Empowerment in people with COPD

Resource Type: Research Papers

This review article summarizes current approaches to patient empowerment in those with COPD through an analysis of 15 peer-reviewed articles. Patient empowerment is one aspect of patient-centered care; it encourages the individual to be his or her own agent of action and promotes self-management of their disease symptoms. Analysis revealed that several elements were successful in promoting patient empowerment in individuals with COPD: 1) pulmonary rehabilitation, 2) peer and social support, 3) education promoting disease knowledge, 4) telehealth, and 5) healthcare professional orientation toward patient self-determination and empowerment. The authors also note the influence of focusing on positive future outcomes rather than pathology in promoting wellness and empowerment in those with COPD. Implications for practice and review limitations are also addressed.

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Disler RT, Appleton J, Smith TA, Hodson M, Inglis SC, Donesky D, Davidson PM. Empowerment in people with COPD. Patient Intell. December 2015; Vol 8: 7—20. DOI: Accessed March 13, 2020.

patient education patient experience pulmonary rehabilitation telehealth

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