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The RARE Campaign Recorded Webinars and Shared Learnings

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This page holds more than 35 recorded webinars, podcasts and associated presentation materials archived by RARE, a Minnesota-based initiative aimed at "Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively." Webinar topics range from medication management to patient and caregiver education to risk stratification; additional topics include improving communications and transitions (sometimes in specific populations such as nursing home residents and those with behavioral health issues) as well as post-discharge home follow up. Speakers present the essential elements of their approaches to reducing preventable readmissions as well as program outcomes.

An August 2011 webinar, Reducing Hospital Readmissions by Transforming Chronic Care, details the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative COPD readmissions reduction program.

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Citation: Recorded Webinars and Shared Learnings. The RARE Campaign website. Accessed March 19, 2020.
ambulatory care behavioral health care coordination caregiver & community evaluation & quality improvement hospitalization patient education patient experience promising practices readmission risk stratification telehealth treatment

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