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Listening to the unmet needs of Europeans with COPD

Resource Type: Research Papers

This paper contains the methodology and results of a focus-group type event held in Europe; the aim of the audit was to gain insight into the perceptions of people with COPD and their family members with the following objectives: to better understand the patient experience and therefore improve COPD care; to inform hospital discharge education materials; and to develop a standardized patient experience measure for future use. Qualitative results and researcher conclusions are included.

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Powell P, Spranger O, Hartl S, Roberts CM, Fletcher M. Listening to the unmet needs of Europeans with COPD. Breathe. 2013; 9(5): 350-356. doi: 10.1183/20734735.006613. Accessed March 19, 2020.

behavioral health caregiver & community co-morbidities evaluation & quality improvement exacerbations exercise hospitalization oxygen patient education patient experience post-acute care pulmonary rehabilitation

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