How Long Can your Oxygen Tubing Safely Be?

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Bill Clark, Senior Director of Community Engagement

Bill Clark is the Senior Director of Patient and Outreach Programs for the COPD Foundation. A staff member of the foundation since its early inception, Bill was instrumental in designing and implementing the COPD Information Line and Caregiver line, the Coaches Corner, Faces of COPD and presently serves as Community Manager of COPD360social. Bill serves on several research committees as both a patient investigator or member and represents the Foundation at many events across the country as well as being a noted speaker on COPD.

Bill was diagnosed with Alpha-1, a genetic form of COPD, in 2003 and joined the staff of the COPD Foundation shortly after retiring from teaching. He is considered an authority on traveling with supplemental oxygen supplemental oxygen and Medicare issues affecting COPD patient and serves as the “patient face” of the foundation. Bill is a regular contributor to many of the foundation’s educational materials and served on several committees in establishing PCORI.

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