Other Ways to Get Involved

Other ways to Get Involved | COPD Advocacy

Not everyone is able to make a financial donation, and we certainly understand that. If you are looking for ways that you can show support, one powerful way is to follow us on our social media channels. When you see a post, event, or article that is important to you, we ask you to share it with your network of friends. Sharing our posts, tweets, and videos is a powerful tool you can use to help the COPD Community.

No matter how you choose to help, we appreciate you!

  • Are you looking for an online support group? We have an amazing online community for you to join here: COPD360social
  • Want to stay up to date on webinars, Facebook Live events, and more? Then follow us on Facebook
  • We have frequent updates to blog posts and PRAXIS. To stay aware of those updates, follow us on Twitter
  • We have a broad following of professionals from the health care and research space. For more information on our professional newsfeed, follow us on LinkedIn
  • If you are looking for any of our educational or informational videos, follow us on YouTube
  • Do you have a desire for your company or organization to formally support the COPD Foundation? Become a corporate sponsor