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COPD Awareness Month 2016: Go Orange!

Posted on November 01, 2016   |   
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Today begins November – and that means we’re kicking off COPD Awareness Month 2016!

We hope to see your healthcare and management teams, your family members and even your pets Going Orange to improve awareness and to spread important messages about COPD. How can you – the COPD healthcare professional – get involved? Here are a few ideas!

  • #GoOrange! Get your care team or coworkers to dress in orange this month to show your dedication to all with COPD! Take a group picture, post it to our 360Social Activity Feed and tell us about yourselves!
  • Change your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media profile picture to display the #GoOrange overlay. It takes less than a minute to showcase your commitment in this free and highly visible way. The COPDF team has also created banners for quick use on Facebook!
  • Work with your organization’s communications gurus to add an article on Awareness Month and your COPD work to your news board, intranet, newsletter or info ticker! We’ve got a media kit full of rich content to make this process an easy one. Send us a link to your article and we can share it in PRAXIS!
  • COPD Awareness Month 2016
  • Include a slide about COPD Awareness month in a presentation you give this November! Take a picture of you and your audience, tag it #GoOrange and tell us what your talk is about!
  • Host an event in your area to promote COPD Awareness – you can offer screenings, distribute educational materials and improve awareness of COPD and your work within your community! Find existing events via our COPD Foundation calendar.
  • Use the #GoOrange hashtag liberally! We want the world to know that we’re here and that COPD is important.
  • Share crucial messages with people you may not have before. Some of the quick facts of impact:

More than 300 million live with COPD worldwide.

COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Every four minutes, someone dies of COPD.

COPD kills more women than breast cancer and diabetes combined.

COPD Awareness Month 2016

Learn more about how to do all of the above – and read more about the origins of COPD Awareness Month and the #GoOrange campaign here

Questions? Email us at

What ideas do you have about showing your support for COPD Awareness Month?

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