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Resource of the Month: COPD Provider Resource Sheet

Posted on July 11, 2016   |   
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COPD provider resource page

The COPD Foundation is thrilled to be able to produce so many evidence-based resources for both patients and providers. But with so many toolkits, discussion boards and educational materials to choose from, where is a good place for providers to start?

We have developed the following Provider Resource Page to answer this question! The text of the document is below; you can find a PDF version (with live links) at the end of the post for download!



The COPD PRAXIS is the COPD Foundation’s (COPDF’s) one-stop shop for healthcare providers. Main menu:

Some of the community’s features include:

  • A searchable Resource Repository filled with more than 180 best practices, research articles and toolkits designed to improve COPD care across the health continuum.
  • The PRAXIS Nexus blog, highlighting promising practices, your colleagues in the field and breaking policy news.

The Foundation also publishes a peer-reviewed, open-access journal each quarter. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation is dedicated to publishing free original research, reviews, and communications related to COPD.

Check out the free COPD Pocket Consultant Guide a summary of diagnosis and treatment guidelines packaged in a simple, convenient and portable guide. Download the free app here!


The Foundation also has extensive resources for your patients at

Educational materials for patients and caregivers can be found at under the “Learn More” menu, covering topics from pursed-lip breathing to pulmonary rehabilitation.

Patients and families can join our active, free online social hub COPD360Social! The community now has more than 22,000 members. Those with Bronchiecstasis or NTM now have a dedicated site and social community at

The C.O.P.D. Information Line – 1-866-316-COPD (2673) – staffed by individuals with COPD and caregivers, is available toll free weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm ET. The line provides one-on-one educational, social, coaching, resource and emotional support in 125 languages.

COPD action plan

Two of our favorite resources for patients & providers: the COPD Action plan and our series of online inhaler instruction videos – take a look!

We have a variety of research initiatives open for possible participation, including:

Download the PDF for easy reference below! (The second PDF -- with written links -- is best for printing!)


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  • Another resource for bronchiectasis patients that providers should know about is our newest community for bronchiectasis patients. It can be accessed at:
  • I plan to take this to my next Better Breather Club Meeting - it's great!! Thanks!!!
  • Nice one-pager! Can you please post the actual links instead of hotlinks "here," so that when we print out the handout, they can type in the link and get to the appropriate page? That would be very helpful!
    Thanks again for another helpful resource!
  • So glad it will be helpful. I'll make a new version later this week with the actual links written out -- I'll see if I can shorten some of them to make them easier to type! :)
  • Hi everyone! I've updated the resource page to incorporate your suggestions. You'll see two versions now -- one has only hyperlinks; the other (written links) includes both hyperlinks and written URLs for printing. Thanks for your feedback!
    • Great job, Kristen! Amazing how you could fit the links onto the existing page and keep it a one-page document!

      Is it ok if I add these pages to my website, I think they're fabulous!
    • We can thank Word for those custom margins! ;) Sure thing, HIcopd -- I would love for you to share them! If we update any of the content, I will let the community know. Thanks so much.

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