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Welcome to PRAXIS

Welcome to PRAXIS! Over the past several months, we have worked to build an initiative that we hope will enrich your COPD care and hospital readmissions reduction knowledge and spark new discussion and progress. Within the pages of this website, you will find valuable resources, rich dialogue and novel ideas for process and program improvement.

This is the blog for the PRAXIS initiative. Why PRAXIS Nexus? One of the uses of the word “nexus” is to describe the connecting point between two or more things. We hope that this blog and initiative will do just that – connect you to colleagues in the field of COPD care whom you might not otherwise meet and to promising practices that can improve your work and the lives of those with COPD.

Here is what you can expect to find at site launch:

  1. A private discussion board and events calendar and this blog – the PRAXIS Nexus.
  2. A comprehensive resource repository, which contains 150 articles, toolkits, presentations and reports for your consideration.
  3. A learning center, containing archived and in-the-works professional development opportunities designed to impact your work in immediate ways.
  4. A policy corner, containing information on the Foundation’s policy stances as well as an HRRP feature, clarifying some of the most frequently asked questions on the program that is shaping many of our readmissions discussions.
  5. An innovation center, housing links to health care updates and innovations that may be of use and interest to the PRAXIS user.

While the main sections of the site were built to be robust at launch, the site will continually evolve. We hope you will share with us your professional needs and ideas for topics and expansion at As this community grows, it will thrive as a result of your participation.

We are glad you have joined us.

The PRAXIS Advisory Committee 

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