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The COPD and Pneumonia Study (CAP Study): Uncovering a Hidden Risk

Posted on July 05, 2017   |   
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COPD and the flu

Pneumonia is a critical health concern for people with COPD. The incidence of pneumonia has been shown to be six to eight times higher in older adults with COPD as compared to their cohorts without pulmonary disease. People with COPD who develop these lung infections are also more likely to bear significant negative health outcomes related to their pneumonia. The following new research – the COPD and Pneumonia Study (CAP study) – aims to document the burden of pneumonia in the COPD community.

The CAP study is a new online research study designed to assess the burden of community-acquired pneumonia from the COPD patient perspective. The study is a longitudinal survey of adult patients who are enrolled in the COPD Foundation’s Patient-Powered Research Network (COPD PPRN). If a patient is not yet participating in the COPD PPRN, he or she can enroll in the COPD PPRN and the CAP study at the same time. The research is sponsored by Pfizer, Inc. and approved by an institutional review board – or IRB – that reviews research to ensure it is ethical and implemented according to established national standards.

COPD and the flu

Researchers will use the CAP-BIQ, which is a community-acquired burden of illness questionnaire, to capture patient-reported symptoms, comorbidities, psychosocial outcomes, productivity and visits made to physicians. In their entirety, these data will give researchers a more comprehensive understanding of these CAP-related variables in the COPD population.

Advancing our knowledge of the burden of pneumonia in people with COPD will enable the healthcare community to better grasp the impact of pneumonia – and, in turn, to develop and target their interventions accordingly. The data from the CAP study will also add to the evolving COPD PPRN data set, allowing for additional analysis and impact as the COPD PPRN continues to grow.

How Can I Help?

As a healthcare provider, you can support this work by alerting your COPD patients with recent pneumonia (diagnosed within the past four months) to this online research. There is no need for you to determine your patient’s eligibility; each participant will complete a short screening questionnaire online as their first step in the process.

COPD and the flu

Eligible participants will:

1. Submit no more than three surveys online, each taking approximately 20 minutes to complete.
2. Receive compensation for their time (a $10 gift card) upon submission of each survey.

Interested patients can learn more here.


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