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— 18 Comments COPD360social+

Amplification of COPD360social to connect like-minded and geographically close people with COPD; on and offline.

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— 6 Comments Integrated health coaching for empowerment

An integrated package of person-to-person coaching and an online portal

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— 9 Comments Making a global integrated network of COPD support coaches using big data and predictive analytics

One of the areas of highest impact in supporting patients with COPD is the activation of a vibrant network of caregivers, loved ones and other COPD patients. This network has the ability to engage in relevant interventions for the patient using the …

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— 4 Comments Discovering your energy code

A platform with monitors that uncovers the factors that optimize your energy. Predicting your energy allows you to achieve your goals, share with a community and create a global learning energy platform.

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— 10 Comments Optimizing morning wellness for COPD patients

Combining key proven technologies into a new, modular architecture: -CPAP/BiPAP -Variable oxygen -Standardized input for nebulizer -Exhalation assist -Sensors: respiratory rate and oxygen saturation and sleep cycle

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— 7 Comments COPD HomeHacks

Where ideas are created and shared for living better with COPD in the home.

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— 6 Comments Better Breathing Buddy

A mobile application designed to help you regain control of your life!

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    COPD Crowdshaped

    Two Days, One Crowd, One Cause

    COPD Crowdshaped is a two-day collaborative, creative thinking event being held in San Francisco, California, on 2–3 June 2015.

    COPD Crowdshaped will convene experts and leaders from a range of backgrounds and experience, including innovators, designers, strategists, psychologists, digital technologists, engineers, business leaders and futurists, to think differently and creatively to generate innovative solutions that go "beyond the medicine", potentially enhancing the everyday lives of people affected by COPD.

    This unique event is based on the principles of crowdsourcing and open innovation, and the understanding that in today’s increasingly complex world, it takes more than one person, or one company, to come up with all the answers. COPD Crowdshaped is co-hosted by the COPD Foundation and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and chaired by world-leading tech innovator and serial entrepreneur Yossi Vardi.

    Look out for further upcoming event information and details of how you can get involved.

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