Beating the Heat

Summer has officially arrived and it is turning out to be a scorcher in many parts of the country. For many this might mean some discomfort, but for those with COPD extreme heat can be crippling or even deadly.

Summer Heat

Here are a few tips to beat the heat:

  • Stay indoors. First and foremost, try to stay indoors with air conditioning as much as possible. If you do not have air conditioning, try to stay with a friend or go to a public space that does (library, for instance).
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary or alcoholic beverages – they will dehydrate you. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, even if you do not feel thirsty or are inactive.
  • Plan your outdoor activities carefully. If you must be outside, try to limit your activities to early mornings and evenings.
  • Have someone check-in. It is a good idea to have a “buddy,” friend or family, call to check in on you every so often. You may even ask a neighbor to make a visit to your home to make sure you are OK.

Have any suggestions about keeping cool during summer months? Please share!


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  • When the temp shoots up or humidity is high, it can help to drive (even a little farther!) to store and restaurant locations that have a drive thru. In addition, grocery delivery is available in some towns -- we have used Peapod (Safeway's delivery service) with great success, and were very thankful to have someone to help with heavy items in the heat. These services often offer a discount for first-time orders that will cover deliver costs. Hope everyone stays cool this summer!
    • Hi Kristen,
      These are all great ideas except the only grocery store here that has a drive-thru will not process grocery goods thru the drive-by window. They will shove all the suitcases of beer and cartons of cigarettes a person can afford out of it tho.....
      If you bring your doggy friend(s) with you they'll treat each of them to a milkbone biscuit and my girls always loved that.
      I stopped smoking over 5 years ago and last summer we (me and the girls) went by the drive-thru and I told the attendant that all we came for were the milkbones. They got their treats but I was informed that I should purchase either beer and/or cigs next time.


      Mark S.
  • Hi, If anyone wants to discuss tips/advice on how to deal with summer weather, check out this previous thread about beating the heat and humidity: