COPD Crowdshaped: Don't Forget to Vote!

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COPD Crowdshaped

Wow! What a great first day we are having at COPD Crowdshaped in San Fran! The group is coming up with some fantastic ideas that they think could help to enhance the lives of all people affected by COPD. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Be sure to vote for the best ideas on the COPD Crowdshaped event page tonight at 9 p.m. EST and tomorrow morning!

Each community member is provided 10 votes. You can distribute those votes throughout the ideas as you see fit. You can allocate a minimum of 0 votes and a maximum of 5 votes for any given idea.

If you click on the idea title you will see a short video and description of the idea.

  • The orange circle displays the total vote count.
  • If you click on the blue Vote button a voting box will appear allowing you to select the number of votes you wish to allocate to that idea. When the voting box appears, click on the number of votes you wish to allocate to that idea. Don't click on any if you do not want to allocate any votes to that idea.
  • After you vote, the blue Vote button will display the number of votes you provided to that idea.
  • You can re-allocate your votes at any time.
  • We want your feedback. In addition to voting we encourage you to contribute your thoughts on the ideas. Click on the Reply link at the bottom of the idea description to add your thoughts, comments or opinions.


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  • It's after 9:30 PM Eastern time and I have checked the Crowdshaped Page several time - I do not see any ideas at all - am I doing something wrong?


    • Hi Karen, The Crowdshaped event is in San Francisco so we should have everything loaded by 9pm Pacific time. They'll be there in am for you to vote and provide your feedback. - Vinny
    • Thanks Vinny - there was a post today that it was 9 PM Eastern time tonight through 11 AM Eastern time tomorrow. I have a morning meeting, so will do my best to get up and be awake enough to re4ad and vote - hope all is going well with the event!!

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