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Posted on July 27, 2021   |   

This article was written by Bret Denning, JD

Exacerbations Quiz

Exacerbations: there’s a lot to learn and we want everyone affected by COPD to be aware of what to do in the event of an exacerbation or flare-up. Whether you are new to COPD or have been living with it for years, it is important to know what you can do to spot the warning signs and take action before it leads to a hospitalization.

Did you catch this material related to exacerbations?

How much do you know about exacerbations?

Here is a fun and easy to test yourself and to see what you know about exacerbations. At the bottom of this post is a short quiz for you to take and evaluate your own knowledge. We have also included links to some helpful resources for anyone who wants to learn more.

We are hoping to add more quizzes in the future so tell us what you think and how we can make these quizzes more impactful for you. Imagine being someone who was just diagnosed with COPD or a similar lung disease, how could these quizzes help you?

Take the quiz, post your score, and tell us your thoughts:


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