COPD Foundation launches a Digital Health and Therapeutics Accelerator Network, COPD360Net

Posted on September 22, 2020   |   

This article was written by Cara B. Pasquale, MPH, Senior Director of Research and Project Lead for COPD360Net

The COPD Foundation, a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the lives of those affected by and stopping the progression of COPD, is delighted to announce the launch of the COPD360Net initiative.

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COPD360Net has been created to deliver the following:

  • Allow clinical trials in COPD and related chronic lung conditions to progress more quickly and easily;
  • Increase the availability of telehealth, digital health tools and medicines that treat COPD; and
  • Prevent disease progression and improve lives of patients with COPD and related chronic lung conditions at all stages of the disease

The last approved new class of medicines for COPD was in 2011 and patient research has demonstrated the need for new and better medicines. COPD360Net will speed innovation by putting the patient at the heart of the initiative, as well as moving to improve uptake of new treatments in clinics.

COPD360Net consists of a network of COPD Foundation-accredited care centers as well as experts in the field of COPD and related lung diseases. It is overseen by a Steering Committee from the participating centers, plus members of the patient and caregiver community.

Dr. Ruth Tal-Singer, President and Chief Scientific Officer at the COPD Foundation said: "The problem that we face is that the development of new treatments for COPD has taken many years. We believe that many drug failures were the result of testing of promising treatments in the wrong COPD groups with inappropriate measures. We think that there are several safe and promising medicines available with proven benefits for patients that have been shelved due to the high financial risk associated with getting the drug to pharmacies and clinics. We have therefore decided to develop a program to test some of these treatments using targeted COPD groups.

Adapting our strategy to the post COVID-19 ‘digital trials’ era and based on surveys and patient input, we would also like to address an immediate need for improved care using telehealth tools. Our Mission Statement is ‘to develop new medicines and digital health tools that treat COPD and prevent disease progression’. To support our mission, we are also forming a patient and caregiver advisory board for COPD360 called the COPD360 Community Engagement Committee."

Dr. Brad Drummond, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Executive committee co-chair commented "The integration of COPD-focused care centers, patient stakeholders and national experts creates a unique opportunity to accelerate the identification, study and dissemination of new therapeutics to improve the health of patients with COPD and other chronic lung disease. It is my belief that the COPD360°Net will rapidly lead to effective novel interventions for our COPD patients."

The patient advocate on the COPD360Net Executive Committee Dr Jean Rommes said "COPD360Net has the potential of being one of the most important projects the Foundation has ever launched. It combines three of its founder’s John Walsh passions: research, innovation and people with COPD. The work the COPD360Net can do will help us reach a cure someday, one of John‘s dreams."

COPD360Net is being launched ahead of COPD Awareness Month in November. Find out more about the initiative at

Media Inquiries Contact: Cara Pasquale, Project Lead for COPD360Net.
866-731-COPD (2673), ext. 312


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