The EveryDay Health Guide to Living with COPD In an Era of COVID-19

Posted on July 30, 2020   |   

This article was written by Bret Denning, JD.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a source of worry for people around the world as we all adapt to wearing masks in public, social distancing and for a while, simply isolating ourselves from the rest of society. For people living with COPD, the pandemic brought its own set of challenges and concerns. People had, and still have, questions such as how the virus can affect their lives and health or if they are more vulnerable to the virus. As people struggle to find a new “normal,” they can often get overwhelmed with the new changes in their daily lives.

From the onset of the pandemic, everyone at the COPD Foundation has sought to keep our community informed and up to date on the latest news related to COVID-19 through webinars, surveys, Facebook Live events and blog posts. Our COVID-19 information page is filled with critical information for anyone living with COPD who has questions about the virus.

We would like to share another valuable resource with you. Our friends at EveryDay Health have put together this Guide to Living with COPD During the COVID-19 Pandemic that is filled with helpful information for anyone affected by COPD who has questions or concerns related to the pandemic.

This guide answers many common questions, such as how one’s COPD will be affected if they become infected with COVID-19 or if there have been any changes to COPD treatment guidelines (there have not). Additionally, the guide addresses mental health concerns related to COVID-19 and provides tips on dealing with stress and anxiety.

The guide also features tips on dealing with life now as we all try to move forward and achieve some sense of normalcy. For example, is it safe to go to the doctor or should you consider telehealth appointments? If people are still choosing to isolate themselves, there is advice on how to stay healthy and active on a daily basis.

The COPD Foundation believes that this guide will serve as a valuable resource for anyone impacted by COPD that has questions or concerns related to COVID-19 and how it affects them.


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