The countdown for COPD Crowdshaped is on!

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We are really excited to announce that in four weeks’ time, the COPD Foundation and its event partner, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, will be hosting a unique, ground-breaking healthcare event in San Francisco on June 2-3, 2015. This event, COPD Crowdshaped, is being held to develop new and inventive solutions that go ‘beyond the medicine’ to enhance the lives of all people affected by COPD. During the two days, we will be welcoming the brightest minds from different disciplines and industries around the globe to collaborate on new ideas that try to make a meaningful and positive difference to the community.

We need you…!

COPD Crowdshaped We would love your input and feedback on the ideas coming out of COPD Crowdshaped. We’ve created a dedicated event page on our website where we will be uploading the first iteration of the new solutions from Day one of the event on June 2 for you to take a look at and ‘test’. We will be asking you to let us and the Crowdshapers know whether you think these ideas could make a valuable difference to the COPD community on a special COPD Crowdshaped COPD360social feed.

The countdown officially starts now and we can’t wait…


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  • Stay tuned for more information on this event. We're very eager to have all of you on COPD360social contribute your thoughts and opinions on the many great ideas resulting from this event. We'll provde more detail as we have it.
    • I am very excited by this! Next best thing to actually being there!
  • So excited for this! It'll be awesome!
    • It sure sounds like it's shaping up to be a great event!
  • Look forward to great innovative minds working on solutions for challenges the people with COPD face. June 2nd watch for the ideas!

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