Honeymoon Walk for Charity – A Million Steps with Love

Posted on February 13, 2018   |   

Has a movie ever motivated you to take a bold move in your own personal life? Nan O’Brien and David Webb are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others just as they are beginning to start their lives together. Nan and David are set to wed in the Canary Islands on Sunday, February 25, 2018 and will spend their honeymoon walking to raise funds for five worthy charities. The couple is preparing to walk 515 miles along the northern coast of Spain for their Honeymoon Walk for Charity.

Honeymoon Walk for Charity COPD

They were inspired to start their philanthropic journey after watching the movie ‘The Way’. The film, starring Martin Sheen and written and directed by his son Emilio Estevez, tells the story of a man who decides to walk The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James, in honor of his late son who was not able to complete the journey. The couple chose five charities that hold personal meaning and connection to them. They both have loved ones who live with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and are therefore aware of the issues and challenges patients and caregivers undertake. With this realization in the forefront of their minds, they approached the COPD Foundation with the idea of being one of their five charities and we very graciously accepted.

The journey will take an estimated one million steps for each of the newlyweds who expect to take 6-7 weeks to complete the pilgrimage. They will be staying in contact through their Facebook page. Following their trek the couple plan on starting their married life in Lanzarote, Spain where Nan, a published author, is planning on writing a book about their experience. Nan and David have generously committed to supporting their selected charities by donating all proceeds raised from their walk and sales of the upcoming book. The COPD Foundation is so grateful to Nan and David for taking us along and supporting us on their beautiful spiritual journey and we can’t wait to let you know when the book is available.


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