The COPD Action Center

The COPD Action Center is the cornerstone of our advocacy strategy. On this one-stop advocacy page, you can learn more about current COPD legislation, find your elected officials, sign up for Action Alerts, and send messages to your representatives.

What is the COPD Action Center?

The Action Center serves as a platform to mobilize, allowing the COPD Foundation to quickly alert advocates when we need them to and reach out to Congress. The Action Center also makes our local efforts possible allowing us to make state specific Action Alerts, find local advocates for district visits, and locate advocates in districts with key committee members.

The COPD Action Center makes advocacy quick and simple, all on one website you can:

  • Send pre-written advocacy letters to your representatives
  • Look up contact information for your local, state, and national representatives
  • Sign up to receiveAction Alerts so you know when Congress is dealing with COPD legislation
  • Email your friends about the Action Center
  • Find local newspapers to write to about COPD
  • Learn more about COPD legislation
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with members with tips on scheduling meetings, writing letters, or making phone calls

What is an Action Alert?

Action Alerts are set up to notify advocates about pending COPD related legislation, weather on the federal or state level. On the homepage of the COPD Action Center, you will see a list of issues requiring action. These are our most recent Action Alerts. Clicking the Action Alert will take you a new page with a brief summary of the legislation, why it’s important to the COPD community, and a pre-written letter to send your members of Congress. You can personalize the letter by adding your own story, insert your own letter, or send it as is. Depending on the Action Alert, your letter can be sent to your Senators, Representatives, or other state elected officials. Just click a link below, fill out the form, review the letters and click submit! It’s as simple as that to contact your elected officials and stand up for the COPD community!

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