Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy | COPD Advocacy

The COPD Foundation community works with local, state, and federal policy makers to increase research funding, improve care delivery, protect access to treatments, and create policy that improves the lives of those with COPD and related lung conditions. We cannot act alone. Use the COPD Action Center to learn about pressing policy issues and to call, write, or visit your elected officials.

Add your voice to our search for a cure and a better life for all those affected by COPD, bronchiectasis and nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung disease.

Policy Priorities

The COPD Foundation is focusing its Advocacy and Public Policy activities on these main areas:

  1. Increased investment in research and development of treatments for COPD and chronic lung disease
  2. Improvement in the regulatory process for acceptance of scientifically validated drug development tools to support the advancement of new treatments for chronic lung conditions
  3. Access to safe, effective, and affordable oxygen therapy
  4. Access to effective, affordable, and equitable pulmonary rehabilitation (in-person and via telehealth)
  5. Stronger regulation of nicotine and tobacco products

Other advocacy efforts will be in a supportive role with other leading organizations (public health and research funding, clean air, health disparities, vaccine access, etc.)

Ask your Representatives and Senators to be a Member of the Congressional COPD Caucus (current members listed on the COPD Coalition website).

The COPD Caucus

What is the COPD Caucus? Why is it important? Click here to learn more.

One way to help the COPD community is to invite your U.S. Senators and Representatives to join the COPD caucus. You may do this by phone, email, or in person. Below are some templates you can use when you connect with them. There is even a thank you letter if your representative is already a member of the caucus.

Other COPD issues:

For more information, contact the COPD Foundation at info@copdfoundation.org.