Shop and Give Back!

You can support COPDF while making your everyday purchases.

Look for COPDF as a charity partner on Amazon, eBay, Bing, and Deal Aid.


Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of any items you buy on the site to the COPD Foundation. You must be on instead of We recommend bookmarking

Click the link above to set the COPD Foundation as your charity. Otherwise, the first time you visit, it will prompt you to select your charity. Search for "COPD Foundation" and we'll come right up. If you’ve already chosen a different charity and want to switch, you can do so by clicking "Supporting" in the Amazon navigation bar, then clicking "Change" next to the name of the current charity you’re supporting.

Choosing your charity for the first time

Amazon Smile - choosing your charity

Changing your selected charity

Amazon Smile - changing your charity


When you sell products on eBay, you can donate some or all of the sale price to the COPD Foundation. The portion of your sale that goes to the COPD Foundation is tax-deductible and eBay collects it automatically when the purchaser pays by credit card.

You can choose the COPD Foundation and set the percentage in the Selling details section when you’re creating or editing a listing.



When you enroll in Microsoft Rewards, you can join Give with Bing, and Microsoft will donate to the COPD Foundation when you make searches using the Bing search engine.

To sign up, go to and make sure Give Mode is set to ON. Then click Change nonprofit and select the COPD Foundation.



DealAid is a website that helps you find coupons for major realtors. When you use a coupon you found on DealAid to make a purchase, they’ll make a donation to the COPD Foundation.

Visit and select any coupon. You'll get a pop-up with the coupon code and a search bar to search for the charity of your choice. Search for "COPD Foundation" and select us, then click "SHOP>>".