Roflumilast or Azithromycin to Prevent COPD Exacerbations (RELIANCE)

Initiated February 2020, recruiting Identifier: NCT04069312

About the study

The COPD Foundation is partnering with top pulmonary doctors and researchers at more than 30 institutions across the country to conduct the RELIANCE study. RELIANCE is a clinical trial that compares two medicines currently used for COPD, azithromycin and roflumilast. Research shows that both drugs work to help control COPD attacks and hospitalizations. What we don’t know is which drug works better and for whom.

As a partner on RELIANCE, the COPD Foundation will engage the COPD Patient Powered Research Network (PPRN), lead patient and community engagement sessions, and represent the patient perspective throughout all aspects of the study.


Results from clinical trials and clinical guidelines indicate that long-term use of either roflumilast or azithromycin significantly reduces the risk of COPD exacerbations. No studies to date have directly compared long-term roflumilast to azithromycin in patients with COPD, so it is unclear how well they work when compared to each other. The RELIANCE study aims to compare roflumilast and azithromycin head-to-head to determine which therapy is best for the prevention of COPD exacerbations. The RELIANCE project was funded by the Patient Center Outcomes Research Institute. PCORI #PCS-1504-30430

COPD Exacerbations:
Should you use long-term azithromycin or roflumilast for care in COPD patients

COPD Exacerbations: Should you use long-term azithromycin or roflumilast for care in COPD patients

The RELIANCE Study welcomes you to our very first quarterly Roundtable discussion in Pulmonary clinical medicine. Click here to listen to Drs. Richard Albert and Stephen Rennard discuss why clinicians should use azithromycin and roflumilast in their practice. This session is MC'ed by Dr. Jerry Krishnan, with a Q&A facilitated by Dr. Bob Wise.

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