COPD360 Proposal Review Committee (PRC)

The COPD360 Proposal Review Committee (PRC) is charged by the COPD Foundation with helping to further the mission of patient-centered research and speeding crucial research that matters most to patients.

The main purpose of the COPD360 PRC is to review and prioritize requests to use the COPD360 Platform for research (including, but not limited to studies, surveys, ideation and focus groups).

To request use of the COPD360 Platform, click here to access the Project Intake Form.

Review Process:

The PRC will review each proposal based on criteria provided by the COPD Foundation. The reviews will take place in a timely manner. The PRC will have two weeks to make a decision. Specifically, the COPD Foundation charges the PRC with the following responsibilities:

  • To review requests to ensure that the proposed research aligns with the goal of the COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN) to expedite research designed to improve patient lives and conduct research that matters to patients;
  • To determine if additional information is required from requester;
  • To provide recommendations to the COPD PPRN Governing Board on whether or not to approve requests for proposals that include the use of the PPRN.

There are 3 Types of COPD Foundation Research Proposals:

1) COPD PPRN Registry only

This includes requests to use the COPD PPRN for clinical trial recruitment and questionnaires. The following information will be considered.

  • Type of Research Request?
  • Are patients being engaged throughout the process? How?
  • Pros to acceptance of the Research Request?
  • Cons to acceptance of the Research Request?
  • Any other Concerns?
  • Proposal Review Committee Recommendation: Yes/No

2) COPD360social Only

This includes use of COPD360social for a survey, focus group, blog post or voting activity. In addition, this category includes requests to generate study awareness through the COPD Foundation distribution lists or via web pages other than COPD360social.

The PRC reviews these proposals using the above criteria and with a focus on patient centeredness. If requests are approved, the COPD Foundation Chief Research Officer or a designee will notify the requester and begin the necessary process to define scope of work, budget development and contracting.

3) COPD360Social and PPRN Registry

Will follow the review process for #1 and #2

COPD360 Proposal Review Committee Composition:

  • Two COPD Foundation Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee (MASAC) Representatives (1 collective vote)
  • COPD PPRN Study Principal Investigator (member of the COPD PPRN Governing Board)
  • COPD PPRN Governing Board Member Patient Representative
  • COPD Foundation Chief Scientific Officer

The COPD360 PRC has 3 additional ex-officio members:

  • COPD Foundation Chief Research Officer or delegate
  • COPD Foundation Chief Operating Officer or delegate
  • COPD PPRN Governing Board Member Patient Representative

Confidentiality Attestation: This statement will be sent to the PRC with each research request by the supporting COPD Foundation Staff Member:plus

Members should maintain confidentiality of any PROPRIETARY OR TRADE SECRET information that they become aware of SOLELY through participation on this group, committee or consortium. Members may not use any such information for their personal benefit, the benefit of their associates, or the benefit of organizations with which they are connected or with which they have a financial involvement, including firms that provide financial, investment, or other business advice. If at any time a member believes he or she has a possible conflict of interest with any information that is or is to be discussed, the member should not hesitate to disclose the conflict and recuse himself or herself from the discussion.