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Innovation in Personalized Care Delivery: COPD360coach

Posted on February 23, 2016   |   
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This PRAXIS Nexus blog post was authored by Deb McGowan, RN, BSN, ACM, CHCP, Senior Director of Population Health and Outcomes for the COPD Foundation.


The COPD Foundation is committed to helping amplify the voice of those with COPD, through advocacy, communications and, most recently, innovation. Early in our work, the Foundation heard from the community that patient voices are not considered early enough in project conversations and are not proactively engaged about solutions that impact their functioning. Instead, people with COPD are more commonly asked to comment on care processes or new projects after their implementation, when objectives and outcomes have already been established and program modifications are much more difficult to make. More effective for all parties is the approach of stimulating patient engagement in the development of innovative solutions – from inception to completion. This empowers the COPD community to identify important issues and areas for change as well as to work as a central part of the team that decides how that change will be effected.

In this spirit, the COPD Foundation and Novartis Pharmaceuticals partnered in June, 2015 to host COPD Crowdshaped, an event in San Francisco, CA that brought individuals with COPD together with solution providers, businesses, engineers and ideation experts to chart a course in technology and innovation. Patients shared their powerful stories and experiences living with COPD and the group walked side by side with them, brainstorming novel ways to transform their everyday. Empathy, a component critical to improving healthcare processes and outcomes as at the core of the creative process. From that two-day collaborative session, five groundbreaking ideas were generated; the newest technology on the COPD Foundation horizon – COPD360coach – encompasses them all.

To make COPD360coach a reality, the COPD Foundation turned to ViiMed. ViiMed,, is a virtual healthcare software company that helps to connect gaps in care between a doctor and patient. Using the Crowdshaped information, ViiMed designed and built COPD360coach to systematically improve connection and communication between providers, people with COPD and loved ones.

COPD360coach is a care platform built to integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare IT ecosystems, and provide those with COPD and their families a personalized tool to empower them and revolutionize COPD care. In basic terms, COPD360coach is an interactive website and mobile application for health coaching, health education and monitoring for patients with COPD. Imagine: a health care system enrolls their patients with COPD into a platform that the patient can use from their home – delivering them personalized education and coaching through any connected device (like a smartphone or tablet) at the patient’s convenience. The system is a win-win: people with COPD benefit from Coach’s personalized support and resulting activation, while the health care team also benefits from access to day-to-day self-reported patient data that can help them to support wellness and more informed treatment decisions.


The system is fueled by live interaction with professional and/or peer coaches – someone who shares experience with the user with COPD – who can help them to build confidence and engagement while providing encouragement and support. These peers are already empathetic and eager to share personalized solutions, tips and support as social partners, or coaches. Patients and loved ones can access personalized education about disease process, symptom management, all available treatments, and coaching anytime, anywhere, on any device.

As individuals build confidence they become their own self-manager. With this information and support, goals and plans are customized with the patients’ unique beliefs, culture and what matters most to them. This is the practice of true patient-centered care, the person with COPD making their personalized, informed healthcare decisions and being a critical member of the healthcare team. This process allows the monitoring of care between visits and ensures a continuous connection to the healthcare team.

COPD360coach is currently being piloted; we expect it to be available to health care systems in April 2016. We look forward to answering your questions about this revolutionary tool in the comments below!


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  • Does this allow for documentation by healthcare practitioners of services performed? Does the data entered automatically link into the patient's EMR?

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