COPD Foundation Pulmonary Empowerment Program (PEP)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PEP)

Empowering Pulmonary Rehabs for Better COPD Outcomes

The COPD Foundation believes in the value of Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The COPD Foundation Pulmonary Empowerment Program is dedicated to support Pulmonary Rehabilitation health care professionals so they may help individuals with COPD have the best possible Pulmonary Rehabilitation experience through optimal physical conditioning, education in effective health-management and ongoing engagement to stay as healthy, active and independent as possible.

Educational Materials

Educational materials are available for purchase to PEP Coordinators at a discounted cost. Materials can be found in our online catalogue.

PEP Webinars

Health Care Professionals working in PEP-enrolled pulmonary rehab programs as well as those on the PEP waiting list may attend regularly-scheduled webinars that offer pulmonary rehab-specific education and training and best practice.

PRAXIS - Prevent and Reduce COPD Admissions through eXpertise and Innovation Sharing.

PEP works closely with PRAXIS to host webinars and continue discussions in the days and weeks following PEP webinars. Doing so broadens the scope of education and information for PEP and PRAXIS membership by including health care professionals working across the continuum of care.

Harmonicas for Health: PLB – Play, Live, Breathe

The Harmonicas for Health: PLB – Play, Live, Breathe program offers individuals impacted by COPD an opportunity to:

  • Practice safe and helpful breathing techniques in a fun way
  • Participate in a group activity
  • Provide entertainment and enjoyment to themselves and others
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