Lynn changed her life.

Meet Lynn Markwell
Meet Lynn Markwell
Meet Lynn Markwell

Meet Lynn Markwell. A classical musician, gardening enthusiast, and consummate mother, wife, and friend. When shortness of breath, a dry hacking cough, and exercise-induced asthma limited her daily five-mile walks and interfered with her career in music education, she knew something was wrong. After consulting with a physician and being prescribed medication to address the asthma, her symptoms didn’t improve.

"I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. I couldn’t inhale. I couldn’t yawn deeply. I was exhausted and spending a lot of time on the couch. I was panting in my sleep."

After consulting with numerous specialists, and undergoing a lung biopsy, Lynn was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) – a type of interstitial lung disease that can permanently damage the lungs if not treated.

Her diagnosis and the day-to-day struggle with the illness significantly impacted her career and family life. Yet, amidst these challenges, Lynn was committed to find educational and exercise resources to effectively combat her disease.

Shortly after the diagnosis, Lynn entered into a pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) program. In PR, Lynn found a community of fighters – focused on living their best lives and fighting various forms of chronic lung disease.

"My life completely changed. I was surrounded by other people with lung diseases – I was no longer isolated! I had social and emotional support all while developing muscles. I learned so much, including energy conservation, anxiety management, and pursed-lipped and diaphragmatic breathing."

The PR program of educational classes and supervised exercise sessions helped Lynn reclaim control of her life. Eight years removed from the diagnosis, you’ll find Lynn doing power yoga and working out five days a week, and she still has the time and energy to garden on Saturdays.