Exceeds 10,000 Active Users: COPD Foundation’s Social Networking Community Reaches Milestone

December 07, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 7, 2015 – The COPD Foundation is pleased to announce that its online social community, COPD360social, exceeded 10K registrations in its first year. Launched on November 19, 2014, the site was developed in an effort to serve as a comprehensive platform for patients, caregivers, providers, and friends in the COPD community. The website is a part of the Foundation’s aim to utilize technology to better understand the patient experience from a holistic perspective.

COPD360social provides users an opportunity to connect, educate, and inspire others. The site allows users an unprecedented opportunity to chat with respiratory professionals, access the COPD Foundation’s free educational materials, and contribute to blog entries. Members are also able to use the site as a social outlet by creating a user profile, adding other users as “friends,” exchanging messages, and posting status updates. Local in-person events, support group listings, and pulmonary rehabilitation resources are also provided on the platform.

“It is a well-known fact that individuals with COPD often feel isolated due to the physical restrictions related to their disease. It is crucial for those living with COPD to have the opportunity to befriend others who experience shared challenges, learn more about their disease, and contribute to research for a cure,” said William Clark, Senior Director of Outreach Programs and Community Moderator. In addition to the community features, the COPD Foundation is proud to offer a wealth of free educational materials as well as exclusive access to patient advocates, healthcare providers and top experts in the field through the COPD360social online network.

“Our primary objective at the Foundation is to understand the COPD patient experience from a 360 degree perspective, and we believe it can only be done by bridging all of the community stakeholders into one secure and comfortable venue,” said John W. Walsh, COPD Foundation president and co-founder. The COPD360social platform will introduce its first site upgrade in January 2016. New features will include photo sharing and pinboard capabilities.

To join COPD360social, please click here.