COPD Foundation Recognizes its 2015 Air Affair Awardees

November 20, 2015

The COPD Foundation is pleased to announce the 2015 Air Affair Benefit awardees for their extraordinary commitment to COPD awareness and the advancement of a COPD cure. The following individuals and organizations were recognized at the Air Affair held in New York City on World COPD Day, November 18, 2015.

AstraZeneca - The COPD Innovations Award

The COPD Foundation recognizes AstraZeneca for their exceptional support of the COPD360 initiative and digital platform. COPD360 will eventually combine patient-reported outcomes, clinical data, electronic medical records and observational research into one of the largest COPD research networks ever assembled. By building this broad understanding of the disease, the Foundation will uncover new opportunities for academic and industry researchers to identify new treatments that could lead to a cure.

David and Julie Knight - The COPD Trailblazer Award

The world lost a legendary figure in February 2015 with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. An individual living with COPD, Nimoy raised public awareness about the disease and the dangers of smoking. His daughter Julie Nimoy with her husband David Knight are in the process of creating a documentary titled “COPD: Highly Illogical – A Special Tribute to Leonard Nimoy” to highlight his legacy as well as his efforts to fight the disease that so tragically took his life.

Paul Simon - The Phil Everly COPD Champion Award

In the fall of 2014, Patti Everly, wife of famed performer Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, hosted an intimate concert in Nashville, Tennessee with legendary singer Paul Simon. The event, which attracted music enthusiasts and entertainers in the area, helped raise monies to support the Foundation’s new statewide initiative in Tennessee. In the past year, the outreach program has successfully enhanced communication and care to individuals living with COPD in this high-risk state.

For more information about the Air Affair awardees or if you would like to participate in next year’s event, please contact Kevin Moran at