The COPD Foundation Launches COPD Hospital Readmissions Reduction Initiative Sponsored by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

October 30, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - October 30, 2014 - The COPD Foundation today announced the launch of the COPD Praxis program – A Readmissions Collaboratory which will Prevent and Reduce COPD Admissions through eXpertise and Innovation Sharing. As part of the Praxis program, in early 2015, the COPD Foundation will host the 2nd Readmission two-day Summit, bringing together key stakeholders in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including patients, caregivers, policy makers and healthcare professionals, with the unified goal of helping to reduce the impact of COPD exacerbations and hospital readmissions. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals is laying the groundwork as the founding sponsor of the COPD Praxis program which will help address the unmet needs within the COPD care continuum.

Affecting more than 24 million Americans, COPD is a progressive lung disease characterized by breathlessness, wheezing and cough with or without sputum. It can lead to hospitalizations due to worsening symptoms including exacerbations. COPD-related exacerbations cause approximately 800,000 annual hospitalizations and 1.5 million emergency room visits. Exacerbation-related costs account for nearly 70% of the estimated $50 billion in annual expenditures attributed to COPD and readmission-related expenses rank third highest among Medicare beneficiaries. In an effort to address this burden, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has included COPD in its Hospital Readmissions Reductions Program (HRRP) and as of October 1, 2014, hospitals are penalized with reduced Medicare reimbursement if they demonstrate excessive 30-day COPD patient readmission rates.

“As the leading organization committed to improving the lives of patients with COPD, we recognize the growing need for information, education and expertise to reduce COPD-related hospital readmissions through better disease management across the continuum of care,” said John Walsh, Co-founder and President of the COPD Foundation. “Our mission with the COPD Praxis program is that the collaborative and multidisciplinary effort, including the 2nd Readmissions Summit, will help identify gaps and solutions to turn the tide toward more proactive patient-centric care.”

Building upon the dialogue started at the COPD Readmissions Summit hosted by COPDF in October 2013, the 2nd Readmissions Summit will explore factors of COPD management across the care continuum and will involve thought leaders from a spectrum of specialties, as well as patients and caregivers. It will advance the scientific knowledge around reducing avoidable COPD readmissions, improving outcomes for patients and encouraging the dissemination and implementation of best practices, tools, new ideas and innovative technologies. 

“As a pioneer in respiratory care, Sunovion is proud to continue its support and efforts as founding sponsor of the COPD Praxis Readmissions Collaboratory,” said Tony Magnetti, Vice President of Government Affairs at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. “Hospital readmissions is a significant issue for the COPD community and society, and consensus on ways to address this issue is urgently needed.”