Share Your Story About the Health Insurance Marketplace

April 29, 2014

The COPD Foundation and National Health Council are looking for people to share their stories about the health insurance marketplace. To share your story, please visit this website where you can write about how insurance has benefited you and your family, any difficulties you had enrolling, and problems affording or accessing medical services.

Patient voices are essential to advancing policies to create a health insurance marketplace where people find coverage that best meets their personal health care and budget needs.

Your stories will help us educate lawmakers, the Administration, and the media about health insurance issues of most concern to people with chronic conditions. By lending your voice, you will join a community of patients and their family caregivers whose storieswill help advance health care policies aimed at improving the lives of patients.

Your stories will help the COPD Foundation and National Health Council understand how the marketplace is working for real patients.

Please click here to share your story.