COPD Global’s mission is to establish a collaborative network of COPD related stakeholders, to promote global communication, early detection and unified access to care for the COPD community worldwide.

The COPD Foundation seeks patients, international organizations, doctors, and anyone who would like to help us spread awareness worldwide.

COPDGlobal seeks to

  • Create an online COPD community platform for global collaboration
  • Establish a “COPD Information Exchange” for all participating organizations
  • Conduct informative webinars and events
  • Offer digital educational resources
  • Draft a global advocacy action plan with all participating countries and organizations

“It is widely accepted that advocacy initiatives and organizations that are led by patients are very effective agents of change, particularly in ensuring that patients are empowered to communicate their concerns and priorities themselves,” said John Walsh, COPD Foundation President. “We want to help all countries have patient representatives with a seat at the table for the decision-making processes that impact care provision and research priorities in their countries.”

1st Summit brought together COPD patients from around the world

In November 2014, COPD Patient advocates and advocacy organizations from over 18 countries across Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas came together in Madrid to establish a new COPD global community dedicated to improving advocacy, care and research for COPD. The initiative encouraged a dialogue among all participants to support progress in the delivery of care, advocacy, and policy, and has resulted in the launch of COPD Global in June 2015.

COPD Global Video Gallery

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Educational Materials plus

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The 1s, 2s and 3s of COPD

The 1s, 2s, and 3s of COPD was created in 2009 and most recently updated in November 2012. It contains in-depth information covering many COPD-related topics including COPD diagnosis, treatment, management, anxiety, depression, dealing with exacerbations, and a list of resources.

Download The 1s, 2s and 3s of COPD

Slim Skinny Reference Guide® (SSRG)

If you ever had an unusual question about COPD, odds are we have an answer for it in our COPD BIG FAT REFERENCE GUIDE® (BFRG). If you don't have time to read the 400+ page guide, check out the smaller, to-the-point topical booklets below. The Slim Skinny Reference Guide® (SSRG) covers 10 NOW 11 of the most popular topics in COPD care. This series will give you the basics to managing your COPD. Our newest addition to the series describes the experience in the hospital and the important transition back to your home. You will learn tips and strategies for maintaining good health and staying out of the hospital. The SSRGs are highly recommended educational materials for patient support groups and pulmonary rehabilitation centers as well. If you don't know where to start, start here!

Download the Slim Skinny Reference Guide® (SSRG)

COPD Big Fat Reference Guide® (BFRG)

The Big Fat Reference Guide is a comprehensive resource guide developed by the COPD Foundation as a collaboration of scientists, physicians and other health care professionals as well as by individuals impacted by COPD. The 400+ page Guide was written for people with COPD, their families and caregivers. However, it is also widely used by health care professionals for patient education. The BFRG contains three sections: Managing your health, Managing your disease, and an appendix with useful forms and worksheets.

Download the COPD Big Fat Reference Guide® (BFRG)

COPD Global

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March 2015- COPD Foundation Global Advocacy Leaders Webinar

March 2015- COPD Foundation Global Advocacy Leaders Webinar