Go Orange for COPD Awareness Month

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November marks COPD Awareness Month - a unique opportunity for our community to join together to educate the public about a disease that affects 210 million people worldwide. Orange is the official color of COPD awareness - Go Orange!

John Linnell Goes Orange for COPD Awareness

Join the COPD Foundation by celebrating COPD Awareness Month with our worldwide network of partner organizations, pulmonary support groups, families, friends - and most importantly - individuals living with COPD.

Excited to get involved? Here's how:

  • Take the #GoOrange Challenge by visiting copdf.co/Go-Orange. Submit a photo of you and your friends, family members, and pets wearing orange and share it with our COPD360social community. The photo with the most "Likes" will win a $250 Amazon giftcard;
  • Visit our Events Calendar to find a workshop, conference, Breathe Strong Rally, or Harmonicas 4 Health class in your area at copdf.co/COPDEvents;
  • Download and share our #GoOrange social media toolkit, which includes informative statistics and facts that you can use to educate your friends and family. Use the #GoOrange hashtag to share the messages online with your social network;
  • Tell your story and start a donor campaign to help the COPD Foundation find a cure for COPD! Learn how create a donor page by visiting: copdf.co/COPDdonation;
  • The COPD Digest can now be found online! Read the latest here.

Connect with the COPD360social community to discover more ways to raise awareness this November. Join the members of our community who have already taken the Go Orange Challenge!

Karen Deitemeyer Goes Orange for COPD Awareness

“COPD awareness is important to me because for too many years we have been ignored. And as the Lorax said –‘It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.’ We CAN be the leaders in our communities, our states and at the federal level.” -Karen Deitemeyer

Kandy Blankartz Goes Orange for COPD Awareness

“COPD awareness is important to me because we need to advocate get the meaning of COPD out to the public. Many people don’t know what COPD is or what it means. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. It’s the lowest funded of all the diseases.” -Kandy Blankartz

”Advocacy and promoting Awareness helps others understand that while not always visible, COPD is a chronic progressive disease that doesn't always allow people to do what they used to. Education, understanding, support, access to care, and research need to be discussed, supported, and funded.” -John Linnell

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