COPD Foundation Supports FDA Improvements

June 17, 2011

Miriam O’Day and Dr. William Mattes, both of the COPD Foundation, attended a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by the Friends of Cancer Research, which featured, among other panelists, Dr. Janet Woodcock, Director, FDA CDER. (Pictured below, with William Mattes).

The briefing introduced and discussed a recent report that analyzed FDA and EMA (European Medicines Agency) cancer drug approvals and found that, contrary to popular opinion, FDA reviews and approvals were faster than those in Europe. Dr. Woodcock noted that FDA’s improved review performance extends to other therapeutic areas, such as COPD.

The COPD Foundation, through its COPD Biomarkers Qualification Consortium (CBQC), is currently working with the FDA to further improve the COPD drug development and approval process by seeking FDA acceptance of new tools (biomarkers) for use in clinical trials of new drugs.

COPD FOUndation Photo - Press Release